5 days of overnight oats

In the winter I love eating porridge for breakfast. I don't know why but I look forward to it so much I get excited at the prospect of going to sleep just so I can wake up and prepare a bowl as soon as I get out of bed. A little bit geeky I know...... Continue Reading →

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That Zara dress!

So it's back to work again after two really great weekends, topped off with glorious weather! On 1st July a couple of girlfriends from school and I went to Chester races, and then this weekend I went to a garden party, at a country club just outside of Nottingham, to celebrate the owners' 80th birthday. On both occasions I wore... Continue Reading →

What makes a portion?

One adult portion of fruit or vegetables is as follows: 80g of fresh fruit or vegetables 80g of tinned fruit or vegetables (preferably in natural juice or water) 80g of frozen fruit or vegetables 80g of beans and or pulses (e.g. baked beans, haricot beans, kidney beans, cannellini beans, butter beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas) Remember... Continue Reading →

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