That Zara dress!

So it’s back to work again after two really great weekends, topped off with glorious weather!

On 1st July a couple of girlfriends from school and I went to Chester races, and then this weekend I went to a garden party, at a country club just outside of Nottingham, to celebrate the owners’ 80th birthday.

On both occasions I wore a dress I picked up recently in Zara, and I received so many kind words about it. The icing on the cake though had to be when I went into my local shop and saw Kim Murray on the front pages of the newspapers wearing the exact same dress (see feature image). The lady has taste!

I can’t say I managed to eat much in the way of fruit and veg at the races, maybe a couple of strawberries in my Pimms, so by Monday I was feeling ready to cook something to pack some vitamins back in my body.

I started with one of my favourite breakfasts, overnight oats with mixed fresh berries, raisins, chia seeds and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Along with a banana I’d already eaten 3 of my 10 a day.

overnight oats with mixed berries and seeds

At lunch time I had a cous cous salad with tomatoes, cucumber, pomegranate, spring onions and mint adding a further 2 of my 10 a day, as well as eating an apple afterwards.

cous cous salad with mint and feta

Then, later on for dinner, I made a delicious bean chilli with a salad of roasted aubergine, courgette and broccoli with grated carrot. All of this added a further 5 of my 10 a day before eating any fruit! So all in all I managed to eat 12 portions of fruit and veg and felt great! I can highly recommend the chilli, it’s really filling and a great alternative to meat.

spicy bean chilli and rice




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