Birthday celebrations

So yesterday I turned 37! 🎉

In the evening my boyfriend and I went to one of the newest restaurants in the Hockley area of Nottingham, Sexy Mama Love Spaghetti. I know what you’re thinking, “who thought of that name?” but it’s certainly attracting a lot of attention and some excellent customer reviews.

The restaurant is super-tiny, there are three tables for two downstairs, and a larger table in the middle, and a handful of tables upstairs. It’s very quirky inside with a tiny kitchen and a lively atmosphere, Radio Monte Carlo is playing in the background. Be sure to book in advance, although we visited on a Tuesday it was still busy.

I managed to get one of my ten a day in by eating a simple melon starter but I think that’s where the days vegetable journey ended.

Melon and balsamic

For main I had spaghetti and scallops, which was absolutely delicious. The scallops were large and perfectly cooked and the spaghetti was enhanced by the flavours of garlic, rosemary and chilli.

Spaghetti and scallops

Dessert was a pear and chocolate frangipane, which I don’t think counts as a portion of fruit unfortunately. This was ok but would have been good accompanied by some fresh cream or ice-cream.


Johnny ate the same starter and main and chose orange and polenta cake for his dessert. This was also very tasty but again would have been enhanced with the addition of some ice-cream.

All washed down with some Prosecco and a lovely Pinot Grigio, I would certainly return and would recommend if you’re looking for somewhere different to eat in the city.

Back to work today and back on aiming to eat ten portions of fruit and veg. I reckon I nailed it! Breakfast was overnight oats with raisins, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and a separate side of banana so at least two of my ten a day.

Overnight oats with mixed berries and seeds

Lunch was a new recipe I’m perfecting including roasted courgette slices, broad beans and asparagus. Today I tried it with cous cous, mozzarella, mint and lemon zest and juice, but I think it may work better with a stronger cheese like halloumi and maybe bulgar. I’ll share the recipe when it’s ready but today it definitely counted for another two of my ten a day.

Trial lunch

A couple of fruit snacks of an apple and two plums provided me with another two portions. Then on to dinner and I cooked oven-baked salmon, stir-fried vegetables and noodles which gave me five portions on it’s own! I love this dish and normally have it on a Monday to set me up for the week ahead. For dessert I had chopped kiwi, black grapes and pineapple with organic coconut yogurt, adding a further two portions. So, in total today I ate a whopping 13 portions of fruit and veg! At least that makes up for my rubbish effort yesterday…

Oven-baked salmon, stir-fried vegetables and noodles


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